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Sustainability DMC Ireland


At ADVANTAGE DMC IRELAND, we believe that tourism should be profitable for all. With this in mind, we are taking action to ensure that the local people in our destinations will benefit from our business.

At Advantage DMC we are very conscious of our environment and sustainability.

Emissions: We have hybrid vehicles on the fleet, the expansion of these is a 2020 initiative. All of the fleet are less than 4years old and are regularly tested for emissions. Only vehicles which emit less than 130g/KG of CO2 are being run. This is tested annually.Work from home policy for all permanent staff in an effort to reduce commuting times, emissions and use of vehicles.

Water-saving practices:
Onsite well which is used for cleaning the coaches. Rainwater collection in tanks which again is used for the washing of the coaches.Using waterless cleaning techniques where possible.

Limitation of the use of chemicals.Only chemical free cleaning products both on the vehicles and in the office.

What we offer to our clients

Beach Clean Up

Help protect and care for Ireland’s waterways, coastline, seas, ocean and marine life.We can arrange a fun few hours for your group who will spend this time at one of Ireland’s stunning beaches and help keep their beauty.

Bear Grylls
This activity is ideal for teams wanting to push boundaries and are looking for something a bit more challenging! Learn some survival skills as you experience a day in the life of Bear Grylls.The Bear Grylls experience will teach the group how to survive without the modern day amenities and make them appreciate those more


Supporting the local schools and the Old Folks committee in Maynooth. Heavily involved with the local schools, providing sponsorship and transport for various initiatives and events. Encouraging all employees to donate two paid days per year to volunteering in the community. For example, this year four of the staff worked in setting up and assisting with the local school Christmas fair and fund raiser.

The company also provided the transport for the event. Currently working on a tree planting program for the local community which will see the company provide tree saplings to local schools to plant in direct relation to the sales volumes. This is also a carbon offsetting initiative.Outside of the local community the team also work frequently with the make a wish foundation and Barret town, both of whom the company has made donations to and provided transport for.