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Travel highlights Ireland

travel highlights Ireland

Bunretty Castle
Bunretty Castle is the most well preserved mediaeval castle in Ireland. It almost looks like still inhabited and one can learn a lot about living in Ireland in the past.

Cliffs of Moher
The Cliffs of Moher are a significant mark of Ireland which is often captured in photographs: over a length of eight kilometers the steep rock walls abruptly end in the Atlantic Ocean. From the viewing tower you will have a lovely view of the cliffs.

Ireland's capital was founded by the Vikings. It is a very lively city, bursting with pubs and music. Make sure to pay a visit to Trinity College with its breathtaking library!

Old monestary district, mystic athmosphere. The monestary town was also used as a university town, and around 3000 monks and their students lived in this district. Today there are only ruins of the monestary left, but they are still witness of a rich past.

Horse racing
The Irish are keen on horse racing. If you get the chance, try to attend on of the events and find out about this spectacel yourself.

Irish National Heritage Park
In this park visitors can learn about Ireland's past. Replicas of the country's cultural heritage have been built and show how Irish people lived and what changed through the years caused by different cultural influences.

Rock of Cashel
The Rock of Cashel is one of the most visited tourist attractions, and rightly so. It is formed by a group of impressive medieval buildings: amongst other things mediaeval monasteries, a Georgian Cathedral and a 21st century Library were built here. It is a place of power, where even kings have been crowned.

Wicklow Mountains
The Wicklow Mountains are surely where Ireland has its image of a green island from: endless lush green mountains dotted with herds of sheep and cows, only divided by lonely streets.